Rainwater Harvesting at the NAU ARD Building


The ARD Team

Porject Description

Design Process

Site Location

Precipitation Analysis

Water Consumption

Rooftop Analysis

Sizing and Location

Water Distribution

Applicable Regulations



Project Description

Water sustainability is vital to the survival of many cities in the Southwest States. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, if water is continued to be used at the present rate, most sources of potable water supply in Arizona will be depleted significantly by the year 2050.  A sustainable source of water was required to meet the needs of an urban community garden to be located at NAU’s LEED Platinum certified Applied Research and Development building.

The client specified needs of the system were:

·        The system should be simple yet not simplistic

·        The system should be energy efficient

·        The system should be relatively inexpensive

·        The system should provide enough water for the garden plus some excess

·        Higher water quality than available grey water system