Exoskeleton Actuator Project 

 Designing to give those with cerebral palsy a life free from disability    

What we do

We're working towards creating a light, mobile exoskeleton that can assist in the recovery of those with cerebral palsy    

The Exoskeleton 

 A carbon fiber ankle exoskeleton which helps move the foot so that a normal gait can be achieved     

The Motors 

 The new and advanced T-Motor AK8 , with more advanced modes of control, allowing for more robust and effective treatment         

The Controllers

 The motors are controlled using CAN Bus protocols, with an Arduino board controller

The Testing

Torque tracking is used to monitor how well the exoskeleton achieves the desired torque profile. Adjustments can be made based on the results          

Who It's For 

Primarily the focus of this device is for children and young adults, although the findings can be applied to older patients as well 

The Future

 The team plans to retrofit the current exoskeleton design with new motors, which will allow for a significant increase in control and accuracy of measurements

   The Team

The Project  

Take a deeper look into how exoskeletons can help those with cerebral palsy, and how the team is working towards making this technology a reality          


Browse through the reports and presentations that outline the details of what exactly is being worked on. See what past work has achieved, and how it will grow into the future      

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