Special Thanks

Flagstaff Climbing Center and John Dsokicz

First and foremost, the team would like to thank John Doskicz owner of Flagstaff Climbing Center and Main Street Boulders, for providing climbing holds and funding to the project along with his time and effort to meet the team.Thank you for making this project possible. We greatly appreciate you providing the team with a problem to solve and the funds to do so.

Northern Arizona University Department of Mechanical Engineering

Thank you for proving the team with additional funds to make this project possible. Thank you Dr. Sarah Oman and Jeremy Cook for being great mentors and supervisors. Thank you for helping us refine and materialize our ideas.

Northern Arizona University Recreation Center

Thank you for donating a plethora of holds for the team to use for testing. Most of these holds were broken or worn. However, these holds were prefect for testing many resin types. We did not have to ruin good holds in the process of selecting a final resin type.

NAU outdoor adventures

Thank you for providing climbing holds that were well used on your ropes course. These holds were used to test textures and streamline the resurfacing process. We hope that these holds serve you for many years to come.

Chuck Vallance

Thank you Chuck for being a huge resource of information and guidance for the team during the design process.

Jeff Karl Jewelry

Thank you for allowing the team to clean a dirty rock hold in your ultrasonic cleaner. We had no way of testing ultrasonic cleaners on rock climbing holds until you cleaned a hold for us. This was a great way to test our idea without paying for an ultrasonic cleaner.

Wil Mc Nabb Fine Jewelry

Thank you for cleaning a chalk covered hold in your expensive ultrasonic cleaner. This helped the team make the final decision to purchase an ultrasonic cleaner.