Flagstaff Climbing

Flagstaff Climbing is an indoor climbing facility, outdoor climbing guide service and climbing gear retail shop located in historic downtown Flagstaff a few blocks north of the university. All Flagstaff Climbing employees are highly experienced climbers and love to share their enthusiasm and knowledge about climbing.

Flagstaff Climbing opened their doors in September 1995 (as Vertical Relief Climbing Center). Founded by two local climbers Stan Mish and Tomas Robison and with the help of a great crew the gym quickly became a staple for Northern Arizona climbers. Flagstaff climbers enjoy great year round climbing but many soon realized the benefits of having an indoor facility with over 7000 square feet of climbing space to improve their climbing. Area children received a great opportunity to learn a new activity that challenges them mentally and physically.

In 1996, Vertical Relief Climbing Center expanded into guiding outdoor rock climbing The guide service has had great success in teaching climbers new skills in an outdoor setting and taking new climbers out for their first steps in the outdoor vertical world. Vertical Relief’s guide service, from the start, has operated under special use permits in the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests. This has allowed them to guide at spectacular local climbing areas like paradise Forks, The Pit, Jacks Canyon and West Elden. Currently, all of our guides are certified by the American Mountain Guides Association.

In 2003, long time employee, John Doskicz acquired the business and continued to push onward, with an ever growing business, creating a “center” for all things climbing in Flagstaff. The guide service began operating under the name Flagstaff Climbing Guides. Pretty much, if you needed to climb inside or outside, needed the gear to do it or instruction, beta or partner to get you there, Vertical Relief could take care of you with highly knowledgeable and trained staff and guides and a great facility.

In 2012, Vertical Relief Climbing Center changed its name and put Vertical Relief Climbing Center and Flagstaff Climbing Guides under the same new name; Flagstaff Climbing.

In 2013, Flagstaff Climbing added a new bouldering gym with 2000+ square feet of climbing terrain to the family, located next to Paragon Athletics and Wanderlust Brewery on Main Street in the heart of Flagstaff. MSB’s walls are sculpted by the leading wall building company, Vertical Solutions and is a true work of art. With the addition of MSB, Flagstaff Climbing offers two climbing gyms (with over 9000 total square feet of top rope, lead and bouldering space) for the price of one.

Now and looking to the future, staff and ownership at Flagstaff Climbing plan to work hard to continue to provide a comfortable, quality climbing experience , the highest quality instruction, sage advice on equipment purchases and local climbing.

Flagstaff Climbing thanks everyone who has ever worked at, climbed with and supported Flagstaff Climbing. Your continued support has made a positive difference in many peoples lives. Come on down and check out your friendly neighborhood rock gym, guide service and retail shop!

Flagstaff Climbing is located at 205 S. San Francisco St, Flagstaff AZ, 86001. Cross streets are San Francisco and Benton.

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