The Technology


Wix is the website builder that we have been recommended to use by our client since the Biomotum website has been created with Wix. This is where the graphical web portal has been developed and hosted.

Google Sheets

Google Charts is a powerful, simple, and free spreadsheet program that will allow us to easily summarize exoskeleton data from the google drive. We use this to display live data on our Wix site.


Python will be the language used to retrieve exoskeleton data from Biomotum's AWS server. There will be a simple script that pulls in all of the data and organizes it for simple integration with Google Drive. Also a recurring AWS ping keeps the data in the Google Drive up to date.


JavaScript is the only backend language supported by Wix, therefore we have used this to connect and retireve data from the AWS server. An embedded HTML chart.js library was used to create the graphs on the site.


GitHub is the repository platform we use to store all of the code for this project.