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The Radio Pi Project

Radio Pi is a light weight command and control system for embedded software defined radio devices. It has been built to run off of small embedded chips which we simulated on the Raspberry Pi 3B+. Radio Pi is our command and control system that Internet of Things devices and software defined radios have needed for years and an improvement on the current implementation used by our client, General Dynamics. For more details please click here.

What is Software Defined Radio?

Currently most radios operate with a combination of hardware components and software. Hardware on a device is more difficult to change and more expensive to implement. Software defined radios or SDR replace hardware components with software instead. SDRs can replace components that handle operations like the frequency, signal bandwidth and modulation.This allows for cheaper devices with more flexibility, customization and often performance. SDR is a complex field is still growing and evolving.

Project Source Code

Thank you for you interest in our project source code. Unfortunately we have all signed a non-disclosure agreement, so only authorized members may have access to and view our code. If you believe you should have access, please email Team Communications Lead Brandon Click. Please feel free to check our Trello board instead for the most recent updates as to what the team is doing.