What we do

We are team Efficient Tester and we plan to create a webapp that will work with both desktop computers and mobile devices in the visual assistance of grouped testing, which can be extremely difficult without the use of a visual aide. Grouped testing, as can be seen in the diagram below, is the process of grouping many tests together in order to quickly root out positive tests in a 3-step process. Through a visual diagram testers will be able to automatically group tests on well plates together and group samples, document the process, and share data through our platform, this will save our clients time and energy spent documenting each stage of a grouped test within the labratory. Users will be able to create notes on each stage of the process and even pass the experiment off to another lab technichian mid way through, through a sharing functionality within our app. Users will also be able to generate different protocols for different pathogens they may be testing, allowing groups to be generated as effectively as possible.

Grouped Testing Theory